Life Sketch of Sri Sri Sadguru Yallaling Appaji


(Meaning:Guru is Siva. Guru is God. Guru is the relative (friend) of human beings. Guru is the Atman. Guru is the Jiva. There is nothing other than Guru.)

Param Pujya  Shri Appaji

Salutations to Sri Sri Sadguru Yallaling, the Supreme Guru, who is the Indweller of our hearts, who is Existence Absolute, Knowledge Absolute, Bliss Absolute, who is the Soul of this mugalkhod sampradaya, who bestows Immortality on His devotees, who is the source for everything and who took a human form for the benefit of His devotees.

I bow to that Guru Yallaling, the Supreme Self, from whom is born this mugalkhod Sampradaya and Parampara by whom alone it is upheld.

He is the Supreme Light that shines in millions and millions of heart.

He was a great Pailvan among Pailvans, a great Yogi among Yogis, a great Pandit among Pandit. Just by remembering the great saint, all prosperity and welfare will come to us. He is kindest sage, who showers blessings irrespective of religion, cast, creed or Race.

He is still performing many miracles,it is said  Deserving Blind get their Sight, Deserving Deaf and Dumb hear and Speak,fulfills all the righteous desires, all evils, malefic effects of black magic, diseases vanish by saying "OM SHRI SADGURU YALLALINGAYANAMHA" with devotion and by pleasing Sadguru Yallaling. 

Pujya Appaji well known by "Elu koti Elu koti Yallaling Maharaj" the title came from the fact that when a Saint questioned him not wearing/having Istha Linga on his body, By hearing these words Pujya Appaji closed his eyes all a sudden seven crore Linga appeared on his body, by witnessing this miracle the saints conferred the title "ELU KOTI ELU KOTI YALLALING MAHARAJ KI JAI".mugalkhod sampradaya belongs to all Dharma be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian.

Birth and childhood... 

Born to smt. Kashibai and Sri Shivappa, on July 13, 1885 at Miragi village, Sindagi Tq, Bijapur district. he was named Yallappa. His ancestors were of the Kuruba community (Hindu).


Early Childhood and Married Life - utter, dire poverty haunts Yallappa

He was a little boy full of fun and life. Nobody imagined what giddy heights, what tremendous depths lay hidden in the little body of this charming child.The child was supper natural. All its actions of infancy would indicate extra-ordinary happenings in the days to come and when the child was about six months old used to utter OM.

Days rolled on Yallappa's daily routine was to take sheep's to yard, as per his family tradition. He also developed an expertise in malla yuddha commonly known as kusti, he was a great pailvan among pailvans(kusti patu). In the night would keep sitting in deep meditation for long hours.

He increased the time for mediation and realized that God alone is one reality & essence of life. His concentration increased greatly due to regular, pure meditation and unknowingly all siddhis (mystical powers) attended upon him at the tender age of ten years. No one could stop the fire of renunciation that was enveloping him completely.

As Yallappa grew into youth his meditation and search for Truth intensified. Yallapa's growing detachment to the world and his passion for Pailvangiri worried his family and they decided to get him married.

Yallapa's family got him married to Shivbhake Devi. He had little or no means to support his family and had to endure a life of utter, dire poverty.

A description of the hardships faced by him will melt anybody’s heart. In the course time, Shivbhake devi conceived and not withstanding the labour pain she died (intra partum maternal death).

The grief stricken Yallappa wandered aimlessly until he came upon the saint Sri Sri Siddaling Appaji of Lachan.

Entry into asceticism, Penance(Tapassya) and Diksha

In DikshaGreat souls born with a mission, do not stick to a conditioning circle of bondage. True to this adage he left home once and for all, reached Lachan, where His Guru Sri Siddaling Appaji was busy in preaching to his disciples and Yallappa sensed that Guru is not pleased of himself, Appaji made Yallappa go through several hardships for several years & then Yallappa sat under a tree(Areli) situated himself 3 feet above the ground level in air with his siddhis and performed penance tapassya for several years. 

By learning this Guru Sri Sri Siddalinga Maharaj took his disciples to the spot where Yallappa was doing penance and told all his disciples that he is my real shishya.



Pujya Sri Sri Siddalinga Appaji tested Yallappa for the last time and told "look Yallappa you will merged in Samadhi for three days, that is you will be buried alive in this grave for three days and this grave will be covered completely with mud, if you alive then will be given Upadesha(Guru kripa) are you ready for this hardship ?".

Yallappa said "Oh! Gurudeva I have no objection, I have no place to go than you, you are my destiny test me however you want as this body and soul is yours".

After three days Appaji's disciples dug the grave where Yallappa was buried, The disciples were shocked by seeing Yallappa meditating and chanting "OM SIDDALINGAYANAMHA". Then after seeing Yallappa's great yearning to attain the truth and his intense and resolute will against all odds, the great Guru hovered Purna Guru Kripa on him. Sri Siddaling Appaji blessed Yallappa with ultimate knowledge, thereafter Yallappa became Sanyasi.

Yallappa was transformed into Sri Sri Sadguru Yallaling Maharaj by the golden touch of SadGurudev (master). Yallappa got enlightenment.

The end of sadhana was reached at last. The human being became a divine being. Each moment of life was overflowing with the divine realization of existence of One in All.

The stage beyond pride & material attractions was reached. The final destination where the Jiva becomes one with Parmatman was reached. The blissful state where nothing can separate one from God was finally attained.


It is one of the injunctions of Sanyasis to move constantly and spread the gospel of truth, greatness of God and duties of human beings to God and Community. So travelling was a must. Sri Yallaling Appaji also undertook a tour. Soon after becoming the Sadguru, he began a series of pilgrimages that took him to several places. Throughout his life, he kept visiting different centers of learning and religion in spite of the difficulties involved, he covered a vast area geographically.

Wherever he went showered his blessings to the people who visited him.

Appaji at Hadri(Hydari) Kaage Saab Durga:

At Hydari Appaji performed sadhana to seek "Suvarna Kiranopadi Drusthi Siddi" from Khaji Kaage Saab. Khaji appeared before Appaji and asked him to put up a Durga of him wherever Appaji establishes the mutt. This is the reason why this mugalkhod sampradaya also has green flag along with the saffron.

Appaji at Bhasgi Village

At Bhasgi village Pujya Sri Sadguru Yallaling Appaji continued Jatra(Jatha) mohotsava of Sri Honnalinga Maharaj for Eight to Ten years. Where Appaji Performed rigorous penance and he practiced Nirvikalpa Samadhi, which is considered to be the highest state in spiritual realisation by digging a trench at the sand of pond covering entire his body with sand and jelly exposing only nose and remaining in this position for several months without water, food and shelter.

Established a mutt at Karjgi Village:

Pujya Appaji Established a mutt of Sri Sri Siddalinga Appaji at Karjgi village and stayed at Karjgi for 4-5 years. Appaji with his miraculous powers was able to save the people from many problems. And blessed were the people who took Darshana of this great saint who himself dug a well to solve drinking water problem of devotees.

Diksha to Tahasildar Khashim:

In 1912 Sri Khashim Tahasildar of Akkalkoti met Sri Sri Yallaling Appaji at a grave yard. Started debating on Hindu Dharma this debate lasted for 3 days at Sri Mahadev temple. At last Khashim got impressed and resigned from his job to take Diksha from pujya Appaji. The great Guru showered Purna Guru Kripa on him. Sri Yallaling Appaji blessed Khashim with ultimate knowledge, thereafter Khashim became Sanyasi and was transformed into Sri Sri Kashinath Maharaj by the golden touch of SadGurudev (master). Sri kashinath Maharaj performed many miracles and established a mutt of Sri Sadguru Yallalingeshwar Punyashram at Ramvadi village,Tq. Umarga, Dist. Latur, Maharashtra. 

Entry into mugalkhod(Sadhana Kshetra) Mukti Mandir:

Pujya appaji arrived at his sadhana kshetra mugalkhod as per the instructions of his Guru Sri Siddalinga Appaji for realization of ultimate truth. This place was reeling under the effects of a severe drought(It was a drought hit place) with his blessings now every piece of land gets sufficient water for irrigation.

He built a Mutt with the help of his disciples, and his devotees call it as Mukthi Mandir, true to its name whoever visit these mutts and pray for his benevolence will get more than what he expected.

Visits Dyamavva Devi Village Deity

Pujya Appaji worshipped Dyamavva Devi the village deity, who was no other than Goddess Durga. She appeared herself before the Appaji and blessed the Appaji.

She also promised that she would stay in mugalkhod and carry on her work as ordered by Appaji.

She suggested to worship her before taking off the Rathotsava(Car festival) every year on auspicious day of Ramanovami, On this day Sri Sri Sadguru Yallalinga Appaji use to enter Agni (commonly known as Agni Pravesha). Even now in the village and pilgrims offer worship to Goddess Durgadevi in the form of Dyamavva Devi to get her blessings.

Koligudda Mutt, Goddess Kali Temple:

Pujya Appaji use to perform penance at kali temple situated at Koligudda according to history this kali temple is established by a great saint Kalabhaireshwar. Goddess kali gave Darshana to Pujya Appaji. Appaji built kalasa to this temple and modified it according to her wish.

Pujya Appaji built a mutt at koligudda village and asked one of his disciple (who use to service mugalkhod mutt by breaking the coconut brought by devotees) by giving Diksha, Sri Yallaling Appaji blessed this disciple with ultimate knowledge, thereafter this disciple became Sanyasi and was transformed into Sri Anand Maharaj to look after the mutt.

Allaknur Karisiddeshwara and Chinchlli Mayavva Devi:

Allaknur is a village in Raibagh Tq. Pujya Appaji use to visit this Allaknur Karisiddeshwara temple and converse with this deity about the future happenings of this world.

Pujya Appaji on every Amavasya visited Chinchlli Mayavva Devi Temple to seek her Blessings.


Sri Balayogi Siddarameswar chosen as successor:

Young Appaji

Sri Balayogi Siddarameshwar Appaji was chosen to be his successor on June 1st, 1964.and initiated him into the Sanyas and was transformed into Sri Sri Shadakshari Shivayogi Siddarameshwara Appaji.

The 1st cradle ceremony of Sri Sri Sadguru Yallaling Appaji was performed on Jan 25,1986 on the auspicious day of Banada Hunnime nearly 10 lakh people witnessed this Tottilu program. Pujya Sri Shadakshari Shivayogi Siddrameshwar Appaji himself supervised this program.

Sri Sri Sadguru Yallaling Appaji chose Feb. 05 1986 for his disappearance from this
world controlling his breath went into Ichha Samadhi. That was the last day of the appearance of Pujya Appaji and on Feb. 08 1986 at 11am Appaji body was put inside the Samadhi.


Pujya Sri Sri Sadguru Yallaling Appaji Uplifting those deserving and fitting souls to realize their lives ambition at this place..











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